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The Whistle copter has a PATENT No. 9279646

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As a parent we always clueless to buy good toys for our kids. We have wide variety of toys and your kids will love them. Our Toys that epitomise the spirit of freedom, free play, free thought, adventure and exploration. Our Toys are Sustainable, eco-friendly and child-safe, each toy has been designed after research on how to use, stimulate and entertain children. If your Whistlecopter should succumb to wear and tear, you can easily have it working again in no time. We offer replacement battery packs, wings and rubber bands so you can make sure your patriotic whistle copter keeps flying for as long as possible. We have patent on Whistlecopter.

When you fold down the wings of the whistle copter patent and fire it into the sky with our Cobra launcher, you’ll be able to watch as it gently soars. As it does, it lets out a gentle whistling sound that can be heard, but that isn’t annoying and is less likely to cause distress to pets than fireworks do. At the top, the whistling sound stops and the wings unfold, allowing the copter to gently float back down to ground and the sturdy wings allow you to catch the copter before it lands, minimizing the chances of it breaking.

We at Whistlecopter Prioritize the child-safety, every Whistlecopter toy adheres to strict quality control standards. These timeless, sturdy toys withstand wear and tear and can be handed down as heirlooms, making them a great value for money.

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